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Ferndale Community Concert Band Rehearsal
Ferndale Community Concert Band Rehearsal

There was an enourmous and encouraging turnout for the FCCB's first rehearsal, where we ran out of chairs, and it only went up from there - our first concert was performed with almost 60 players!

With the co-operation of Mr. Roger Smith, former band director and current Principal of Ferndale High School, and Mr. Elon Jamison, Director of Bands at FHS, they have helped in allowing us to use Ferndale's spacious facilities for our rehearsals and concert venue. Mr. Jamison has also served as our guest conductor in the absence of Mr. Quick.


With very little experience playing together the band has a sound as if it has been together for years. Each of our many musicians brings great passion and experience. Our members have played in collegiate marching bands, just recently graduated high school, and marched in Presidest John F. Kennedy's inaugural parade. 


The first official season is currently underway.  The FCCB will have a number of guest artists collaborate with them during the 2015-2016 season, including Carlos Whitlow and Generation Praise, the award winning Gospel singing group based in Detroit; Mr. Pette Moore, an outstanding bass/baritone who works for the Michigan Opera; Mr. Damien Crutcher, the Director of the Farmington Community Band; and Ms. Ava Ordman, Professor of Trombone at Michigan State University.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Ferndale Community Concert Band, please contact us via the form under the "contact us" tab, and we will respond with our membership application. We look forward to playing with you!

The Ferndale Community Concert Band was founded in February, 2015. The idea for a local concert band came out of the handful of surveys that the Ferndale Arts & Cultural Commission took during big events in downtown Ferndale.


The Ferndale Community Concert Band began with a survey in the spring of 2014 distributed by the Ferndale Arts & Cultural Commission. In the survey residents were asked a series of questions pertaining to how Art should be a part of the community and what genres are preferred.


When the surveys were evaluated Visual and Performing Arts and Art in the Park topped the list. During the discussion of how to move forward to bring Ferndale what they most want Tim Brennan and Sharon Chess, as members of the Commission, decided to narrow the search for what style of music and another survey was taken with options of a community orchestra or a community band, the community band won by a narrow margin.


The results were brought to the FACC and Tim and Sharon were given the opportunity to build on the results. In consulation with community member and retired Cass Tech orchestra director Marc Haas, the groundwork was laid for how to proceed with forming a community band. In February of 2015, Rachel Akers began assisting with email, website, social media, and other electronic communications to get the word out that the Ferndale Community Concert Band was looking for local musicians to join our fledgling ensemble.

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