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Member Spotlight

Lonnie Thomas, French Horn

IMG_3982 - Lonnie Thomas.jpeg

Join us in recognizing Lonnie Thomas, a key member of our French horn section and a long-standing member of the Ferndale Community Concert Band (FCCB). In his high school sophomore year he transitioned from the trumpet, an instrument he had played since first grade, to the French horn. This change set the stage for a lifelong engagement with music, which continued through his college years.

Motivated by a deep-seated love for music and inspired by Mr. Quick's directorship, Lonnie was one of the first to join FCCB. His commitment has been a constant since the band's inception, contributing significantly to its growth and community spirit.

Lonnie's musical highlights include performances at Carnegie Hall during his high school years, participation in the Arkansas All-State Band, and contributions to jazz recordings, showcasing his skills on both the trumpet and French horn.

Lonnie works as a Construction Engineer, blending creativity with technical expertise. He grew up in Detroit, Michigan, and now calls Redford, Michigan, home. His academic journey includes studies in music at the Detroit High School for the Fine and Performing Arts, the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, and Wayne State University, before pivoting to computer and electronics engineering at NIT.


When he's not playing music, Lonnie enjoys a range of activities, including going to the gym, golfing, fishing, cooking, and woodworking. He also has a unique interest in grocery shopping and exploring farmers markets.

Through his dedication and talent, Lonnie plays a vital role in the FCCB, bringing both skill and a passion for music to our community.

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