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Member Spotlight

Angel Ingram, Flute/Piccolo

IMG_5781 - Angel Ingram_edited.jpg

For our FCCB Member Spotlight this month, we feature Angel Ingram, a talented flutist whose musical journey began in the 6th grade. Her love for music deepened with the addition of the piccolo in 9th grade, leading to a major in Music Education in college. Angel's dedication to her craft is evident in her skillful performances and her commitment to sharing her knowledge with others.


Approximately 2.5 years ago, Angel joined FCCB, drawn by the desire to be part of a community band that complemented her professional commitments. Her involvement has been characterized by a remarkable blend of musical talent and a dedication to community engagement. Angel's musical career is distinguished by notable achievements, such as performing in various honors bands and a significant experience teaching flute in Kenya, showcasing her versatility as both a performer and an educator.


In her current role as an Elementary Music Teacher, Angel combines her love for music with her passion for teaching. She hails from Southfield, Michigan, and now resides in Royal Oak, Michigan. Her educational background includes a B.A. in Music Education from Albion College and an M.A. in Educational Leadership from Grand Valley State University.


Outside of music, Angel enjoys engaging in reading and traveling, activities that further enrich her diverse interests and personality. She comes from a musical family, with her father being a piano player and producer, and her mother a singer, an upbringing that has deeply influenced her musical journey.


Angel is inspired by accomplished musicians, including native Detroiter Damien Crutcher. Alongside her musical pursuits, she serves as the Site Director of Crescendo Detroit, an arts non-profit, further demonstrating her comprehensive involvement in the music community. Her contributions to FCCB and her broader commitment to the arts mark her as an invaluable and inspiring member of our ensemble. 

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